“To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” - Ecclesiastes 3:1

Hospice Caregiver Support

Comprehensive & Compassionate Caregiver Support

At Seasons Hospice, we understand that caregivers have a multitude of responsibilities. Caregiving, without a doubt, is a stressful duty to undertake. From purchasing food and supplies to offering emotional support, caregivers provide their loved ones with many valuable services. In many cases, the duties of being a caregiver can become overwhelming. That’s where Seasons Hospice of Springfield, MO comes in. We provide information and resources for family members that need respite from their caregiving responsibilities. 

The difficulties of providing day-to-day care may become worse if an individual is aging into their final stage of life. If you are a caretaker, having resources and access to additional help allows you to feel relief, no matter how intensive your care duties are.

Seasons Hospice Caregiver Support Program

Caretaker Resources and Services offered

To ensure that caregivers, along with the loved ones that they care for, are completely supported, Seasons Hospice of Springfield, MO, offers a variety of services including: 

Spiritual Support

Seasons offers faith-focused counseling and support services for patients, their caretakers, and their families.

Bereavement Services

Access to comprehensive bereavement services that comfort and guide those close to the hospice patient following their passing. Support groups are available.

Medical Support

Registered nurses travel to the care location to provide medical services.

Hospice Volunteers & Aides

Our caring volunteers provide companionship and other services, while our aides offer basic medical services.

Looking For Additional Support?

Caregiving is at the Center of What We Do

If you are a caregiver who could use support, Seasons Hospice of Springfield, MO, can help. We value caregivers because we are caregivers. We understand the challenges, emotions, and stress that caretakers face. Our talented and kind staff members are here to help you.