Hospice Care

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Hospice care is palliative in nature, meaning that hospice focuses on caring, not curing. Our primary focus is eradicating the fears commonly associated with passing, such as the fear of pain, and the fear of being alone.

Hospice care begins when a patient has decided to end treatment for a terminal illness, and their doctor has signed off on them receiving hospice services. Beginning hospice care early gives patients and their families the space they need to cope with the realities of walking through this final season together.

Our compassionate staff  and volunteer team help provide required medical care, pain management, and emotional support to patients and their families.

Our Care Teams

Who will be assisting my loved one?

Registered Nurse:

Our RN’s provide a variety of services and are relied on by patients and their family members to communicate essential information and aide in overall care management.

Trained Caregivers:

Two trained caregivers are part of every patient care team and work together to provide a number of services including homemaker services and offer assistance with the tasks associated with daily living.


Chaplains provide spiritual support to patients and their loved ones.


Without the effort of our volunteers, our care team would be incomplete. Our volunteers read to patients, bring in animal companions to entertain and amuse, and share their musical and artistic talents with patients.

Hospice Services

Palliative Care & Emotional Support

A Seasons Hospice Registered Nurse (RN) is the manager of a patient’s care services. Each Seasons Hospice patient will be assigned a dedicated nurse to care for them during their time at Seasons.

Our RNs make visits to wherever you loved one calls home. Patient visits are tailored specifically to their needs, to ensure the your loved one’s symptoms are under control, their quality of life is emphasized through comfort care and pain management, and to support the family.

Physician Services

Although Seasons Hospice employs geriatric and palliative care specialists, your loved one will never be required to part with their current physician. Many of our patients choose to keep their existing physicians, who work in tandem with our on-staff physicians.

Pain Management

Hospice programs face a stigma when it comes to pain management. Many patients and their loved ones are hesitant to accept pain management services because they believe that it will lower cognitive abilities and even hasten death. Both of these stigmas are myths.

We’ve found that pain is one of our hospice patients main fears about dying. At Seasons, our patient’s comfortability and quality of life is our biggest focus. We want our patients to live out their final season, feeling like themselves and enjoying their life, comfortable and pain free.

Personal Care & Homemaker Services

Seasons Hospice caregivers are trained to assist patients in completing activities of daily living. They provide help bathing, dressing, and in completion of oral care tasks. Additionally, they change linens and do light housework to ensure that the patient’s living and personal care area is clean and comfortable.

Thy are also trained to make adjustments to care depending upon the physical abilities of patients. They provide much needed relief for primary caregivers.

Spiritual Support

Seasons Hospice is a faith-based hospice care provider, and we believe that spiritual care is just as important as physical care. Our chaplains are here to help guide both patients and their loved ones through their care journey with compassion and spiritual support. Additionally, our staff is prepared to give you and your loved one spiritual support if needed, from a volunteer reading a favorite bible story to their RN praying over them.

Seasons Hospice recognizes that not all patients or families will desire spiritual support. We respect all religions, world views, and faiths.

Counseling & Social Services

Seasons Hospice employs trained social workers who focus on the social, psycho, and emotional aspects of hospice car. They monitor patients, family members and caregivers and attempt to help them to feel less overwhelmed.

Our trained social service workers develop relationships with e patient and caregivers to ensure that they feel supported. With the guidance of a Bereavement coordinator, these individuals help to offer comfort to friends and family after a patient passes away.

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If your loved one has made the decision to end treatment, now is the time to  enter a hospice program. Seasons Hospice is committed to providing you with the information and support you need.