Starting Hospice Care

Knowing When the Time is Right

There are many misconceptions surrounding hospice care and services. At Seasons, we seek to redefine hospice care and end the stigma associated with it. We desire to educate our patients, their families and our community about the benefits of seeking hospice care as soon as possible.

Common Benefits of Hospice Care


Peace of mind for patients and their loved ones

Seasons Hospice provides comprehensive medical and comfort care to patients, ensuring they are comfortable and pain-free. Knowing their loved one is being cared for by a team of professionals gives caregivers and loved ones the peace of mind they deserve at this time.

Hospice care also gives patients and their loved ones a safe and supportive space to grieve and celebrate life together, all while in a comforting environment.


Customized care and counseling

At Seasons, our hospice services aren’t just focused on medical care. Our mission centers on providing holistic care, focusing on emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. We seek to cultivate an environment that is peaceful, not clinical. Our services can be customized to fit the individual needs of each patient we serve.


Adding life to the final season

Hospice does not have to be a time of sorrow for patients and their loved ones. At Seasons, we do everything we can to ensure this time is filled with joy and the opportunity to create lasting memories. Thanks to the generosity of community donors, Seasons can provide our hospice patients with moments they can treasure with their families. From dinner at a fancy restaurant to going to a baseball game, we attempt to honor every patient request.



Ensuring Comfort Through Compassionate Care

Seasons Hospice provides comprehensive palliative care, including pain management, medical, psychological, and spiritual support.



Providing Mental and Spiritual Support

Seasons Hospice bereavement support groups offer ongoing support and counseling about grief, loss, and how to make healthy life adjustments after the passing of a loved one.

Caregiver Support


Giving Caregivers the Assistance They Need

Our caregiver support services provide caregivers with cost-free support and counseling to benefit them during this difficult time.

Donate Today

Your Donations Support Our Services

Seasons Hospice is an independent community health care provider, not a large for-profit organization. We would not be able to offer our hospice services if we did not have the support of passionate community members who understand the importance of cost-free hospice care. To simplify the hospice process for patients and families, we rely on the generosity of our donors.