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Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting You On Your Hospice Care Journey

Do you have questions about how hospice care works or about our hospice program at Seasons Hospice of Springfield, MO? We’re here to support you as you and your family decide to transition to hospice care. Explore our FAQs below to find answers to questions patients and families often ask. 

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Hospice Care Information

You must receive a terminal prognosis from your physician to qualify for hospice care. Hospice care is for patients whom a physician has given a prognosis of six months or less to live and is different from palliative care in this way.

Contact your physician for a hospice referral. If you need assistance, our team at Seasons Hospice can help you meet with a physician for a hospice evaluation.

No, hospice providers from Seasons Hospice do not stay in the patient’s home. Our team will visit regularly and are available 24 hours a day by phone if there is an emergency.

A primary caregiver will be appointed to care for the patient. The primary caregiver is not a staff member at Seasons Hospice. Often, the primary caregiver is a spouse or family member.

Patients can receive care wherever they call home. We provide hospice care at private homes, long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, and more. If at any time there is a change in location for receiving hospice care services, Seasons Hospice will aid in the transition.

Your core hospice team includes a registered nurse, spiritual counselor, medical social worker, certified nurse’s aides, and volunteers. Our team will coordinate based on the wishes of the patient and the scope of hospice care required. Learn more about our hospice services.

Our hospice teams visit at a frequency based on the patient’s need. For example, a patient may start with two visits a week and receive more visits as their condition declines. There is no limit to the number of visits a patient can receive.

Our hospice team is available by phone 24/7. One of our nurses is on call at all times, including nights, weekends, and holidays. We are here for you 365 days of the year.

Palliative care is provided while patients receive curative treatment for a condition. These individuals do not have a terminal prognosis from their physician. Hospice care is specifically for people who have received a terminal prognosis. Read more about our hospice services.

When you elect to receive hospice, you remain in control of your direction of care. If that direction changes, we respect your decision to stop hospice care.

Hospice is not a one-time-only benefit. If you need hospice care again, you can return to Seasons Hospice.

Seasons Hospice accepts 100% of Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance reimbursements as payment in full. There is no charge for hospice through benefits, and you will not pay any copays.

Seasons Hospice can also accept patients that do not have benefits available to them through our donation program.

Families & Caregivers

Caregiving can be overwhelming. We want caregivers to feel confident in their role. Our team will teach you how to care for your loved one and promote their quality of life. We will help you understand your loved one’s condition and show you how to execute comfort and personal care.

Our caregiver support services ensure that you’re never alone. There will always be someone on our team you can contact.

No one knows exactly when someone will pass away. Our experienced staff will keep you informed on the state of your family member’s condition. We will be open and transparent with you when we see changes in the patient.

Hospice support does not stop after a patient’s death. Seasons Hospice will offer family members and caregivers bereavement support for up to 13 months after the passing of their loved one. Learn more about our bereavement services.

After a patient’s death, our bereavement coordinator initiates services to support the caregiver and family. We offer phone call visits, in-person visits, supportive mailers, memorial services, and more. Families and caregivers also have access to our grief support groups and individual grief counseling. Read more about our bereavement services.

Seasons Hospice of Springfield

Seasons Hospice will accept COVID positive patients. These patients are cared for by specific team members in order to limit the potential of spread to other patients.

Patient, staff, and caregiver safety is our top priority. We follow the current guidelines set by the CDC, CHAP, and state health department. Learn more here.

We have a robust infection control program. At Seasons Hospice, we continuously monitor our staff for any signs or symptoms of illness. All staff members are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfectant to stop or slow the spread of infections.

Unlike many hospice providers, Seasons Hospice is an independent, faith-based nonprofit. We believe everyone who wants hospice care should receive it.

We go above and beyond to provide excellent physical and spiritual care, along with unique programs for our patients and families. We offer weekend and night care, caregiver education, music therapy, pet therapy, and free grief counseling.

Learn more about our accreditation and featured programs by visiting the Our Difference page.

No. Seasons Hospice is nondenominational. We respect each patient’s religious preferences, as well as their choice to participate or not participate in our spiritual care services.

Spiritual care is 100% optional. We respect your decision not to receive spiritual care.

In addition to our hospice care, bereavement, and caregiver support services, we connect families with resources for additional care and services offered through programs like Medicaid. We also assist patients with healthcare directives and initiate conversations about funeral planning.

We have provided excellent hospice care to residents of the southwest Missouri area since 2004 and began providing our hospice care services to the Tulsa and Muskogee, Oklahoma area in 1998.

We are certified by Medicare and Medicaid to provide hospice services through the state of Missouri. We are also accredited by Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP), an optional certification for healthcare providers, to heighten our quality of care and exceed state requirements.

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