Bereavement Services

Extended Grief Support

Your time with Seasons Hospice does not end when your loved one passes on. After we have cared for them, it’s time to care for you.

Seasons Hospice offers bereavement services for those close to the hospice patient. Grieving families, friends, and caregivers can receive services for up to 13 months. The grief process has no timeline and the bereaved persons can lean on us for support as they experience loss.

Bereavement Program Benefits

Bereavement Resources for Good Grief

Trained and experienced staff members lead our bereavement support groups. They provide the opportunity to share with others who are also experiencing loss.

Seasons Hospice bereavement care lasts for up to 13 months and includes:

Access to bereavement support groups

One-on-one grief counseling and loss support visits from a Seasons Hospice chaplain or social worker, as needed

Educational bereavement literature mailed to you at home

An annual memorial service for all family and friends who have lost loved ones

Seasons Hospice is proud to also offer grief support groups that are open to anyone in the community who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

Will You Need Bereavement Support?

a Hospice Benefit for Loved Ones

Contact us to learn more about our bereavement services or the dates and times of current bereavement support groups.