“To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” - Ecclesiastes 3:1

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What Are the Benefits of Hospice Care?

A hospice volunteer with patient.

Thinking about hospice? Unsure if you or a family member are ready for hospice? Hospice services offer patients and their families much needed medical, emotional and spiritual support. 

Contrary to what some believe, hospice is not about giving up. It’s about spending the time you or your loved one have left intentionally. 

5 Benefits of Hospice

We’ve compiled a list of five benefits hospice care provides. 

1. Care Made Just for You

Hospice brings a team of health professionals and trained volunteers to offer personalized, holistic care based on the patient’s condition and wishes. A team of registered nurses, caregivers, spiritual leaders and volunteers will guide you and your loved ones through everything that comes with the last stage of life.

Seasons Hospice teams are led by registered nurses. We employ geriatric and palliative care specialists, but you will never be asked to leave your personal doctor. We will work with your doctor to offer you the care you need. 

What else does hospice provide? Pain management, palliative care, medical supplies, physical therapy, and assistance with activities of daily living are services offered through hospice

2. Choose Where You Want Care

Hospice isn’t limited to one place. Patients can choose where they want to receive care. Many people would prefer to pass away at home. Often, hospitals and care centers are bustling with activity. Patients who choose to be at home in their final days get to be surrounded by the comforts of a familiar, peaceful place.

Some patients may need to stay in an inpatient care facility or be moved to a nursing home. All hospice services are still available to those patients. 

3. Maintain A Sense of Dignity

Dying is scary. Hospice helps patients feel that they have some control over what happens to them during this phase of life. Instead of being hooked to machines or treated with invasive procedures, hospice patients are allowed to pass away with dignity. Hospice offers the support patients and families need so that patients can choose how to live out their final days. 

4. Feel Connected Spiritually  

Following Ecclesiastes 3:1, we believe there is a season for every purpose. Just as there is a time to come into the world, there is also a time when we must leave it. At Seasons Hospice, we hope to ease your burden during this time of caring, remembering and mourning for your own life or the life of someone you love. 

Spiritual care can help you come to terms with death and find peace. It can also help families after their loved one has passed away. Our chaplains offer spiritual healing and support to the patients and families that desire it. 

5. Access Bereavement Support

Hospice doesn’t end after a patient passes away. Bereavement services, like group and individual counseling, are provided to families through hospice. Sharing your grief with others who have had similar experiences can help you heal. 

Seasons Hospice families can receive bereavement support for a minimum of 13 months. 

How Can You Pay for Hospice?

Preparing for the end of life can be stressful. Medical and hospital bills are expensive. Future funeral arrangements can cost thousands of dollars. Paying for hospice care shouldn’t add to anyone’s burden.

If you’re paying out of pocket, there’s one thing you want to know: is hospice free? Unfortunately, hospice isn’t free, but Seasons Hospice works with almost all insurance companies and Medicare to ensure there is no personal cost to the patient or their family. The generosity of our donors help fund our services and provide families stress-free care. 

Contact Seasons Hospice today to learn more about our hospice services. We’d love to help you start your hospice journey. 

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