Dear Lindsey,

I wish I could describe how special, important and impactful you were in my life that last week as our dad was in hospice care. (Lee Shultz) I had been distraught watching my dad suffer in so much pain and listening to him scream every single time he was moved. When you stepped in, things changed. From minute one, you Lindsey, understood and took charge to see that my dad’s pain was relieved even before we met to discuss and sign paperwork. After that, you worked hard getting my dad’s hospital bed set up and made beautifully and when I walked into the room and saw my dad lying there peacefully and pain-free, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. It is a moment that I picture often and I cannot express enough how thankful and relieved I felt. It truly brings me to tears each time I recall or describe it to someone. Thank you for your care and mercy! What a gift you gave to us!!

Elizabeth Tinlin is a precious soul and helped us walk through a time when we had little direction and needed much support and help. We are in debt to her also. Though I have known her name for most of my adult life, her presence was such a blessing and so refreshing for us.

I have a new understanding and an incredible appreciation for the Hospice Ministry. My only regret is that my dad wasn’t under your care sooner.

I don’t know how or to whom I could express that desire, but if I can help anyone by encouraging use of your services earlier in the process, please let me know. My dad suffered too long.

To our saintly Hospice friends–there are not enough ways to say Thank You!!!

Deanna Martin and the family of Lee Shultz