5 Easy Game and Puzzle Ideas for the Elderly at home

5 Easy Game and Puzzle Ideas for the Elderly at home When choosing a game or puzzle, make sure it will not be frustrating to the senior. It is also key to choose games, puzzles and other activities that are suitable for adults. Card games: Using playing cards with large printed numbers makes it easy […]

3 Habits Of Stable Caregivers

Caregiving can provide uplifting moods to the caregiver. Here are just a few: Contentment: The deed of caring for another person can be an overwhelming but satisfying opportunity.  Living in such an essential and gratifying role can offer the caregiver a sense of significance. The gift of time: In some circumstances (not all) being someone’s caregiver […]

History of Hospice Care

[heading] The History of Hospice [/heading] The term “hospice” comes from the linguistic root of “hospitality”. From the middle ages to the present, caring for the dying has been handled in similar and various ways. In the middle ages, religious orders created “hospices” in key areas on the way to religious shrines that provided shelter […]